Human Side of Tech: Banners

I was tasked with re-designing the banners for Human Side of Tech's blog posts. The designs needed to include photos and clear, legible text. I went through two, three, iterations of designs in collaboration with Vanessa before arriving at the final design (above), taking advantage of gradient overlays in the color scheme of her brand colors. Below are the original designs I was tasked with revamping. 

After making some sketches, I used Adobe Photoshop to create some preliminary redesigns. 

After sharing the designs and gathering some feedback, I set out to make the text bolder. The banners are to be displayed at the foot of Human Side of Tech's website, and fine text will be difficult to read. 

The final design:

Human Side of Tech: Instagram 

I created two Instagram templates for Human Side of Tech, both employing its brand colors and vibrant, circle motif. These are designed to highlight soundbites and key insights from HSoT's webinars with guest speakers. The two designs allow for variety and flexibility. 

Using Format