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I'm Judy and a junior at Tufts University, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Science, Technology & Society and Cognitive & Brain Sciences. 

Born in Taiwan, grew up in China going to international school, college-ing in the States, and currently spending a semester in Santiago de Chile – I am looking forward to calling and making more places "homes." I am grateful and privileged for the international and Third Culture Kid background that is so dearly part of me. 

My heart strives for people and purpose. I want to connect and be connected with people, to create and co-create, and to consume in utter fascination at the loveliness we can make happen. My mission is to ejaculate the most happiness into the world for all. 

Other things of love: writing, mindfulness, tea, photography, running, shower-singing, my grandma. Cities, mountains, San Francisco Bay. Really long lunches. Human vulnerability. 

This portfolio is heavy in visuals, but if you peruse nothing but one thing, I urge you to visit my writings on Medium.

I am always eager to chat, meet new people, create and collaborate, etc – throw me a message.


• Future Travel, 2017 – American vs AmericanizedNice KiwisWriting In DiscomfortTravelling Through NostalgiaLiving As A ForeignerHow To Make the Desert Mine: Four Days In Atacama, Phoneless In Perú  
The Ascent, 2017 – On Making a Home & Building a Life  
Hacker Noon, 2017 – Why We Need to Design for Attention
• Medium Suggested Writer in Travel

Tufts Observer, 2016-18 – photo contributions to 5+ issues 
Human Connections, 2016 – contributed photos to the website and other promotional materials for the Global Engagement Trip to Ecuador
Crescent Magazine Heritage Issue, 2014 
• Hanker Magazine, September & December 2013 

Crescent Magazine Heritage Issue, 2014 
• Tufts Observer, 2016-2017

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