Hello, friend 

I am a senior a Tufts University majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Science, Technology, Society. Or, as my LinkedIn advertises, an aspiring designer, anthropologist in training, writer, and lover. 

I was born in Taipei, spent 13 years in Suzhou, and have fallen in love with the Bay Area six times (and counting) – I spend a lot of time living in and thinking about cities, communities, human connection. Things that speak to my heart: design, anthropology, technology, entrepreneurship. It's at this intersection that I want to work in and create opportunities for myself and others. 

Drop me a line at judy.chen@tufts.edu. I'd love to connect and collaborate. 

In my life right now... 

1. Working on my thesis for Anthropology! 

2. Exploring entrepreneurial post-grad opportunities in the Bay Area at the intersection of art/design/tech. 

3. Being open to falling in love. 

4. (And – let me help you!)


Life Through My Lens 

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